When building your own venture, you will very likely get to the point when it’s time to pitch in front of interested people like investors, potential partners or during a startup competition. If – for any reason – you do not want to get in touch with these people, here are 9 things to do that nobody will give you a follow-up:

  1. Pitch overloaded Slides with lots of text and whole sentences. On top, you have dozens of numbers, which are too small to read.
  2. Read these whole sentences one by one to the audience. They will be happy to not having to read for themselves.
  3. Use different fonts, font sizes and colors, preferably on each single slide.
  4. Always use a laser pointer to enhance the effects of the spoken word. It doesn’t matter if you show your back to the audience.
  5. During the Q&A, justify as much as possible no matter if there was just a comment or a question.
  6. Additionally, get lost in a never-ending monologue to get rid of more questions.
  7. Don’t care about time issues! Take as much as you like. They are all here to listen to you, exclusively!
  8. Don’t waste time to exercise your pitch at home in front of a mirror. You’re a natural talent and you know it!
  9. Don’t be authentic! It’s much better to play a role (the acting lessons in elementary school finally pay off!).