Underpromise and overdeliver!

Founders know the problem: They have a clear goal, but they do not know how to get there, yet. With your developed Problem-Solution Fit (Profiling) and your Product-Market Fit…

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Wie Amazon in Deutschland den Markt dominiert

An Amazon kommt man in Deutschland momentan sowohl als Händler als auch als Käufer kaum vorbei. In einer Studie des Center for Entrepreneurship der Universität St.Gallen wurde nun…

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Define your affordable loss!

Now at the latest, you may ask yourself: "What am I willing to lose?”. The possible answers to the “upside” question – “How can I profit?” – are too uncertain.

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Welcome to the jungle of intellectual property rights!

Protection strategies for your intellectual property can help you to secure a future competitive advantage, in a best-case scenario through a – at least temporary - monopoly…

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What do you need to implement your offer?

As a part of the co-creation, you have refined your goals together with your partners. But now it is up to you to realize them. Turn your view inwards again and put your own value…

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Be open for having your own goals influenced by the goals of your partners!

Equipped with a good team and flanked by strong partners from your network, the resources must now be meaningfully combined to create the promised value for your customer.

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Use your network!

It is inevitable that you will encounter difficulties and hick-ups in your startup journey, which you are not sure how to solve or overcome.

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Build a team that is capable of executing your vision

The next step after profiling and prototyping is to source what you need for the "execution"-part in your entrepreneurial journey.

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What makes you unique?

This field of the Startup Navigator is about defining your unique selling proposition (USP) compared to other market participants.

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Competitors push you to achieve more

There is always competition, and that is a good thing! Even if you think that you are creating something completely new, there is usually a reference market for comparable…

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