The entrepreneurial story of Valentin Stalf

On the 26th of May, Valentin Stalf, Founder and CEO of N26, was honored as the Founder of the Year 2018 of the University of St.Gallen (HSG). But how did he become so successful…

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Fake it till you make it

After you have defined your value proposition and built your first prototype, it is now time to bring the first versions of your product or service to the customer. But how do you…

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Generate value for your customer

Why should anybody buy your product? Because it creates added value! In these examples, we speak of value propositions. The value propositions are the answer to the previously…

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Time to fall in love with your product!

After you have described how to approach and solve the customer problem in the Navigator field "Solution", it is now time for prototyping. In the first field you describe which…

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How do you solve the problem?

After you determined a problem which is worth solving, you now have to find a way to solve that problem. Think about solutions in general, not specific products.

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Outfittery and the jobs they get done

After having determined your customer and the problem you want to solve, you have to think about what jobs do your customers actually want to get done.

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Know your customer like a private investigator

What is your customer and user segment that unlocks the most potential for your business? Who is your primary customer? What do they like and value? Be as specific as possible to…

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Start with a great problem

Find a great problem worth solving and define its characteristics! Always remember: If there is no problem there is no business opportunity. Be critical about whether you address…

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