Oikos Conference

As the oldest and one of the largest oikos initiatives the oikos Conference takes place each autumn at the campus of the University of St. Gallen since 1989. A mix of keynote speeches, workshops and panel discussions offers a platform for students to initiate a dialogue with representatives from academia and economy regarding sustainable ideas and trends in the global and regional economy. The goal of the conference is to raise awareness for the need and potential of sustainable business in the present and future economic environment.
The last oikos Conference 2018 took place on the 23th November 2018. It offered a day full of practical and theoretical experiences with a variety of experts from different standpoints in the field of sharing economy.

Our 3 objectives structure the entire conference as:

  • Informative: Selected company presentations (speeches).
  • Interactive: Real-life practical case studies (workshops).
  • Fostering debate: Active discussion with different practice partners (panel discussion).


Nov 26 2019




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