Female Founder Program

There has never been a better time to make an impact.
If not now when? If not you who?


Startup@HSG created The Female Founder Program, a series of events, initiatives, and an accelerator program to inspire, enlighten, and boost Female entrepreneurship at the HSG.

The program is for anybody interested in entrepreneurship, learning from an inspiring conversation, sharing an idea or starting a company, meeting fellow female entrepreneurs and knowing more about Startup@HSG accelerator.

Your Benefits

Get inspired

Get inspire with a series of interview and talk shows with female entrepreneur

Get enlightened

Be enlighten with Panel discussions and Keynote speakers on entrepreneurship topics

Get accelerated

Accelerate with coaching, incubation and networking empowered by Startup@HSG

Boost your startup

We are eager to support you and your entrepreneurial journey

Download your tool box

The chair for entrepreneurship developed the St.Galler Startup Navigator, the guide to boost your startup.


Book in your session

Here you can directly book your free coaching session with our FemaleFounder Coach Maria Luisa Fuchs.

Entrepreneurial Talents Program

Apply for our HSG Entrepreneurial Talents Program and become a Female Founder.

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Informative insights

Find out more about female founders and about women in the entrepreneurial context.


August 2020

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  From Insight to impact Are you thinking of starting up? Or ...
13 Aug
15:00 - 16:00
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Maria Luisa Fuchs, MBA
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