Diego Probst
Head of Startup@HSG
Mail: diego.probst@unisg.ch
Tel.: +41 71 224 7202

Get in touch for your individual and free coaching!

Startup@HSG offers free coaching sessions for anyone at HSG with her, his or their business idea. From an early idea stage to more developed concepts and established startups, the coaching sessions are your first point of contact to take the next step.


We support and offer you:

  • general discussion and validity check of your idea
  • an overview of support programmes, events and “where to find information” on entrepreneurial activities within the Swiss Startup Ecosystem
  • pitch trainings and test pitches in front of experienced coaches
  • contacts to relevant internal and external players
  • identifying the critical facts and gaps of your concept
  • milestone and venture concept development (“what are your next steps?)
  • businessplan check
  • team check
  • preparing investor meetings
  • access to network and support partners
  • contacts to investors


… in short: advice, information and contacts for anything related to entrepreneurial activities at any stage.

Diego Probst
Head of Startup@HSG

Tel.: +41 71 224 72 02

Maria Luisa Fuchs
Project Manager at Startup@HSG
Tel.: +41 71 224 72 14

Robert Schreiber
Project Manager at Startup@HSG
Tel.: +41 71 224 73 18

Eduard Müller
Project Manager at Startup@HSG
Tel.: +41 71 224 73 44